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Murrieta has the perfect weather condition to get solar panels installed to generate your own clean energy

Murrieta Solar Panels

The City of Murrieta is an accessible, friendly, and comfortable destination connecting you and your family to vibrant experiences that will last a lifetime. Along with being a great central location to everything in Southern California, Murrieta is known for having great weather year-round! Murrieta is a great place to go wine tasting or even go sky diving because of the great weather that it always seems to have! As a homeowner in Murrieta, have you ever debated investing in solar panels and/or battery storage? Well, the time has never been better! Semper Solaris has all the solutions to your problems. From roofing to solar, Semper Solaris will make sure your home is operating at its peak performance.

Solar Panels in Murrieta, CA

When solar energy was first brought to the public, people were very uncertain about this new source of energy, but it is safe to say that solar really is as efficient as people say! With the rising technology and the decreasing costs, solar energy is more accessible than ever! From the numerous solar financing options in Murrieta and the solar tax credit available to you, solar energy really is a no-brainer! Have you dreamed of the day that you could break free from the power companies? That day is today!
Solar panels in Murrieta have the ability to harness the Sun’s energy and power your home! The average California homeowner can pay off the cost of investing in solar in no time due to the constant sunshine! In just the first month after install, homeowners will see a decrease in their energy bill costs. Some homeowners will even see that amazing $0 bill!

Selling your energy

Some homeowners even have the ability to sell unused excess energy back to the energy grid! But this usually is only possible when paired with solar battery storage, which we discuss further below.

There are many reasons to invest in a solar panel system for your home, but the two that stand out the most are the incredible savings and the significant reduction in one’s carbon footprint, which helps the environment for a better planet. Solar is known to reduce a home’s carbon footprint up to 80%! The time to switch to solar in Murrieta is now!

Partnered with the best

At Semper Solaris we only partner with the best possible solar panel brands in the area, which is why we partner with Panasonic, Sunrun, and Silfab. We are selective when it comes to our group of partners because it allows us the ability to provide quality products with quality installation, yet give you the freedom to choose the panels that best suit your needs. Local companies also better understand the steps needed to take to follow the proper solar permitting and building codes. Whether you are a first time solar customer or you’ve been down this road before, our experts at Semper Solaris are able to answer any and all of your questions.

The Future of Solar Power in Murrieta

Murrieta Roofing Services

When people think of a roof they don’t usually think about the insulation factor that it plays! An older, outdated roof will cost homeowners hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year that goes by. Like many homeowners, it may be time to replace that old roof. A new roof will give you new peace of mind knowing that your valuables will be well protected from the outside elements and that your electric bill will be even lower!

Semper Solaris is an Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractor, meaning we are a part of a select group of trusted installers that can give you expert consultation and the highest-quality services. This platinum preferred contractor is not just thrown around lightly. This title also comes with a lifetime warranty on your new roof! We believe that with our expert craftsmanship paired with Owens Corning’s superior roofing materials, your roof should last a lifetime!

A roof has many parts that go unnoticed by most. From shingles to the underlayment, every single part of the roof plays a crucial component in keeping your home insulated. Many people don’t realize the amount of air that can leave your home because of an old leaky roof! What better way to utilize the best of both worlds, by combining a new solar energy system with a beautiful new roof. The amount of money saved will allow you to really see how outdated your old roof was! Not only will you save money on power bills, but you also will see an increase in the curb appeal of your home.

Murrieta is the prime spot for solar panel installation. Call Semper Solaris to learn more about reducing your electric bill
Murrieta is the prime spot for solar panel installation. Call Semper Solaris to learn more about reducing your electric bill

Murrieta Battery Storage for you Solar Energy

Have you ever questioned if your solar energy system is operating at its highest capacity?
Well, if you aren’t currently using solar battery storage, then you may not be utilizing your system’s full potential! Solar battery storage allows users to store excess energy gained during the day for a later time. You can optimize your system to only use the battery storage in certain situations, like during a power outage or during the energy companies peak rate times.
The energy companies like to implement these peak rate times at very inconvenient hours, like right when you get home from work. To avoid these high costs during these certain hours, you may want to invest in solar battery storage. These battery storages allow users to truly break free from the power company because instead of gaining power from the grid, you can utilize your storage! Free power harnessed from the Sun’s rays.

Remember when the last crazy power outage happened? This no longer will be possible if you invest in a battery storage.

Semper Solaris has an extra commitment to quality, which is why Semper Solaris only partners with the best! Some of the most popular battery storages on the market right now are made by Tesla Powerwall and Enphase. Our experts at Semper Solaris will lay out the best options for your system, allowing you to make an educated choice on the different product offerings.

When you decide it is time, reach out to your local experts. Making the choice to replace your roof, or switching to solar energy is never an easy decision, but at Semper Solaris we try to make the process as easy and simple as possible. Choose the best solar provider in Murrieta — call us today and let us help you go solar in Murrieta!

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